Dante Genomics is excited to present our first Research Prize worldwide for proteomic analysis.

The winner will receive proteomic analysis of 20 plasma or serum samples with SomaScan 7K Assay technology, which uses an array of more than 7,000 protein-specific aptamers, and a 25% discount on the remaining samples if the winner sends more than 40 for analysis.

Program Details

The aim of this initiative is to recognize global researchers for advocating the utilization of the SomaScan 7K Assay as a vital instrument for acquiring first-rate proteomic information.

Interested individuals are encouraged to submit a concise proposal, limited to 500 words, detailing their research endeavor by April 30, 2024. Submissions will undergo review within two weeks following the deadline.

The competent staff of Dante Genomics compound will evaluate and choose the winning proposals based on the following guidelines:

  1. The thoroughness of the application in its entirety.
  2. The innovativeness of the proposal and the clarity of its goals.
  3. Demonstrating a concise and fitting strategy and framework aligned with the objectives and outcomes.
  4. The planned utilization of the data and protein analysis.
  5. The subsequent actions the researcher plans to undertake with the newfound insights.
  6. The contribution of SomaScan 7K Assay data towards enriching comprehension of health and disease within their field of focus.


The winner will be awarded the analysis of 20 plasma or serum samples and a 25% discount for the analysis of other samples as long as there are more than 40 samples to be analyzed in total. All samples will be processed with the SomaScan 7K Assay and Dante Genomics will also provide services such as:

  • Free logistics
  • Dedicated customer success team that will support you from organizing the shipment of samples to all stages of analysis
  • Bioinformatics analysis

Samples should be sent according to the instructions that will be provided to you following the announcement of the victory and can be serum or plasma only.

For any questions regarding this initiative you can contact us via the form at the end of the page.

Application timelines

Opening submissions: 8 April 2024

Submissions closure: 30 April 2024

Winner announcement: 13 May

Submission of samples: Will be defined with the winner

Eligibility criteria

  1. This opportunity welcomes participation from protein researchers worldwide.
  2. All submissions must be in English.
  3. Samples processed using the SomaScan 7K Assay must be accessible and adhere to specific criteria (refer to the Samples Requirement section).
  4. Pilot investigations that demonstrate creativity, generate novel insights into health and disease, and have the potential to pave the way for extended studies are highly valued.
  5. Should you have any inquiries regarding your eligibility or wish to discuss your proposed research, please reach out to us via the form at the end of this page.
  6. Each individual may submit only one request.
  7. Project samples submitted must consist of plasma or serum.

Research Prize conditions

  • The winner will receive SomaScan 7K Assay data for each of his or her 20 samples and will also receive the services offered by Dante Genomics previously listed. He/she will also receive a 25% discount for the analysis of 40 or more samples.
  • If you submit fewer than 40 samples, the discount will not be applied but the analysis must be paid for at full price.
  • Samples must be serum or plasma; no other types of samples will be accepted.
  • Samples will be analyzed with SomaScan 7K Assay.
  • The deadline for submission is April 30, 2024.
  • The winner consents to the use of his or her name and organization for promotional purposes as part of this initiative.
  • The winner will be announced on May 13, 2024 via email and will be put in touch with the professional team at Dante Genomics to continue the collaboration.
  • For questions about eligibility or to inquire about this initiative, please contact us via the form at the end of this page.
  • All participants agree to be contacted by Dante Genomics for marketing purposes.

Sample submission

  • The winner of the initiative will provide 20 plasma or serum samples to be analyzed with the SomaScan 7K Assay, and the output product will be data showing the reporting of 7,000 protein targets. It will provide an additional 20 or more samples for analysis. 
  • Samples must be plasma or serum. 
  • Samples must have a volume of 130 µl and have been prepared according to the directions given here. 
  • Registration, delivery and labeling will be discussed with the winner.
  • Submitted samples, including associated documentation, may not include personal or health information of human subjects.

Form Research Prize