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Solid Tumor Sequencing Test (500 genes)

Solid Tumor Sequencing Test (500 genes)

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Solid Tumor Sequencing Test (500 genes)

What is Solid Tumor Sequencing Test (500 genes)

The Solid Tumor Sequencing Test (500 genes) analyzes the DNA of cancer cells to extract information on the top 500 genes most responsible for the appearance of the tumor.

For what purpose is it useful

  • detect current and emerging biomarkers with comprehensive coverage of genes involved in key guidelines and clinical trials for different cancer types.
  • learn more about the genetic mutations responsible for the tumor.

Thanks to this analysis it is possible to collect in-depth information on the tumor to evaluate a molecular target for a new therapy.

Technology used for the analysis

The analysis is powered by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, a powerful tool for research and clinics that can reduce costs in terms of money and time, and that can drive to terabytes of output.

What type of raw data provides

FASTQ: this file format contains the raw sequencing data, including the base calls and quality scores for each read. It is a standard format used in Next-Generation Sequencing and can be used to analyse the data using various bioinformatics tools.


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