Quality Certifications

Extensa Interpretation Software

Extensa is our proprietary software for interpreting genomic and medical data. Thanks to its use we can translate raw data into decision-making panels and we can return personalized insights that can be used for individuals and for doctors.

Dante Genomics received the ISO 13485 certification of the quality management system for its Extensa interpretation software in 2020. Extensa is a CE marked in-vitro diagnostic medical device.

Dante Genomics Dubai Lab

Dante Genomics laboratory in Dubai, which serves as a global hub for the Eastern Hemisphere, has received Medical Laboratory accreditation ISO 15189 to bring clinical whole genome sequencing to hospitals and physicians in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The ISO 15189 certifies the quality management system of medical laboratories and is often a requirement to provide clinical sequencing tests or sequencing services to the biopharma industry. 

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