Package Description

The Wellness Package is an investment in people's future.
The Package includes 4 panels: Nutritigenetics, Scientific Fitness, Skincare, Wellness & Lifestyle.

All these panels guarantee useful information to give actionable insights to people.
In fact, thanks to the test results, you will be able to support people in choosing the diet, workout, skin care routine and all the habits that best fit their genetic profile, guaranteeing personalised service.

  • Nutrigenetics Panel

    The nutrigenetics panel outlines a person's unique dietary profile, including the food groups to which he or she is most sensitive and any nutrient deficiencies. It will also provide a better understanding of body composition, sleep characteristics, and even particular personality traits.

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  • Scientific Fitness Panel

    The results of this test will help people formulate a plan that optimises their training regimen and diet to take advantage of genetic strengths, whether it is strength training, aerobic exercise, or HIIT. They will learn about their body's needs for maximum performance, avoiding injuries and improving recovery time.

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  • Skincare Panel

    With an understanding of skin genetics, it is possible to implement an effective skin prevention or rejuvenation strategy and improve daily skin care by adapting it to genetic predispositions. In addition to aesthetic aspects, the panel provides key information on the risk of developing skin diseases and making the right choices in advance to delay and prevent them.

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  • Wellness & Lifestyle Panel

    This panel is a useful tool for understanding a wide range of variables that influence people's daily balance with their bodies and their relationships and reactions to their surroundings. With this panel, it is possible to check predisposition to conditions related to health, stress management, aesthetic traits, resistance to addictions, and more.

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Avanti - Our Software

Avanti is a web-based app designed to transform NGS raw data into insightful, clear and personalized panels in a few minutes. More than 80 panels generated.

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