Clinical Services

  • Useful for individuals who are experiencing symptoms, but do not have a clear medical history that would help clinicians confirm diagnosis of genetic disorders and act accordingly.

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  • Designed for healthy individuals without symptoms or medical history to provide them with a proactive approach to understanding their genetic risk for certain conditions.

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  • Designed for individuals and families to provide them with a comprehensive and accurate solution for assessing their genetic predisposition to inherited conditions.

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  • This panel conducts targeted analysis of 31 well-known oncogenes, ensuring highly efficient detection of variants linked to hereditary cancer.

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  • This panel focuses on identifying germline mutations in 146 genes associated with an elevated risk of hereditary cancer development.

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  • This Report, based on WGS, analyzes over 70 genes linked to Parkinson's disease, identifying mutations crucial to nervous system function.

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Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

Unlike other genetic tests that only analyze a small portion of a patient's DNA, Whole Genome Sequencing provides a complete and accurate genetic profile for each patient.

This advanced level of testing allows clinicians to detect the presence or predisposition of genetic diseases with unprecedented precision, providing personalized, reliable diagnoses and treatments for each patient's unique genetic makeup.

But the benefits of WGS don't stop there. It also enables advanced precision medicine, which tailors treatment plans to each patient's specific genetic profile. This leads to better patient outcomes, improved quality of life, and reduced healthcare costs in the long run.

Whole Genome Sequencing is the only technology that can decipher the entire DNA.

Dante's WGS overcomes the shortcomings of Whole Exome and Panel Sequencing.

Partnering with Dante Genomics means

The outsourcing model available through the partnership with Dante Genomics allows greater flexibility in delivering high-quality data to patients, in a cost-effective and simplified logistics mannercost-effectively, without fixed costs, and by outsourcing all logistical implications to reach the individual patient.

  • Sends the sample kit directly to the patient

  • Ships the sample to laboratories

  • Analyzes the sample using NGS technologies

  • Releases raw data and insightful, actionable reports

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Benefits you will get

Personalised medicine

By using genomics to personalise treatment, hospitals can improve patient outcomes, which can help attract and retain patients. For example, by identifying genetic mutations that make a patient more susceptible to a certain condition, doctors can tailor treatment plans to manage the condition better and improve outcomes.

Early intervention

Genomics can identify patients at risk for certain conditions, allowing for early intervention and potentially reducing costs. For example, by identifying genetic risk factors for heart disease, doctors can develop early intervention plans to prevent or mitigate the disease, potentially reducing costs associated with later-stage treatment.

Improved accuracy in diagnostics

Genomics can be used for diagnostic purposes, which can help to improve accuracy and speed up the diagnostic process, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes. For example, by using genomics to identify the specific genetic mutations associated with a particular condition, doctors can more accurately diagnose and treat the condition, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming diagnostic tests.

Increased revenue

By providing an additional product for patients and engaging with them directly to play an essential role in their own personalised medicine, hospitals can partner with their patients and increase revenues with these new products and services  in the process.

Efficient and easy implementation

By leveraging a decentralised model, such as the one offered by Dante Genomics, hospitals can easily implement personalised medicine by offering whole genome sequencing without the need for significant upfront investments in technology or infrastructure, unlike other traditional laboratory tests

Leverage the best technology

Dante Genomics offers whole genome sequencing, a one-stop-shop platform for well-being and diagnosis that lasts forever. This is a new concept compared to the old genomic targeted panels that function as confirmatory testing.

Non-invasive sample collection

Dante uses non-invasive collection kits; hospitals can efficiently and easily collect genomic data from patients, making the process of implementing personalised medicine quick and easy.

Tailor-made, end-to-end services

Dante Genomics offers an end-to-end solution that is fully customisable, including white labelling options, so that it can be tailored to your hospital's specific needs. There are no hidden costs, and logistics are included in our service. 

Dedicated Onboarding and Customer Success Programs

Gain access to personalised and dedicated onboarding and customer success programs with dedicated training programs to help doctors implement genomics and benefit in the daily practice. Dante Genomics also provides peer-to-peer support with a Clinical Genomic Board to assist in the implementation process and ensure success.

  • The power of the entire DNA

    Receive actionable insights based on the sequencing of the whole genome.

    Leverage our proprietary Extensa software platform for genomic interpretation to gather relevant insights.

  • Genome Manager Platform

    Our Genome Manager Platform allows either you or your patients to track genome analysis from sample receipt to end of analysis to results delivery.

    After registering on the Genome Manager Platform you can view and download the panels you have purchased or buy additional ones.

  • Comprehensive panels

    We developed more than 130 panels for several needs and conditions, from clinical areas and rare diseases to wellness applications.

    Our panels translate genomic raw data information into actionable, clinically relevant insights for clinicians and individuals.

  • Whole genome sequencing is becoming a top platform in molecular diagnostics, with potential to replace other technologies due to its scalability and decreasing cost.

Industry evolution and needs

  • WGS is replacing multiple technologies for comprehensive analysis
  • Decreasing cost of whole genome sequencing drives adoption in diagnostics
  • Clinicians demand actionable insights from raw whole genome data
  • Explosive data growth demands a scalable platform for clinical decision making
  • Value shift from hardware to software in molecular dignostics
  • Krantz et al, 2021

    2017-2019 NICUSeq trial
    354 critically ill infants
    1 country (USA)

    2-fold higher diagnostic yield compared to usual care testing.

    WGS was associated with significant increase in focused clinical management.

  • Petrikin et al, 2018

    2014-2016 NSIGHT1 trial
    65 children
    1 country (USA)

    Median time to diagnosis with WGS was 13 days vs. 107 days with standard clinical testing.

  • Scocchia et al, 2019

    2016 via Illumina program, iHope

    60 children

    1 country (Mexico)

    The diagnostic rate of WGS was 68.3% and a change in clinical management was reported in 48.8% of all cases.


Angela's search for answers to her debilitating symptoms led her to Dante Genomics at just 20 years old. Despite receiving conflicting opinions from doctors for years, Angela was unable to identify the source of her illness, and her quality of life suffered as a result. But with the help of Dante Genomics, Angela finally received a diagnosis for her rare disease, putting an end to the years-long diagnostic odyssey. By providing her doctor with genetic data, Angela was able to unlock the key to her health and regain control of her life.


Jennifer's decision to sequence her whole genome using the Dante Genome test in 2019 proved to be life-changing. Two years later, she received the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. But thanks to the Dante Genome Platform, Jennifer was able to access a Pharmacogenetics analysis that provided vital information on the most effective treatment for her illness. The analysis of her genome data revealed that the commonly prescribed chemotherapy drug would have serious adverse effects on her health. Jennifer and her doctor were able to select an alternative cancer drug that was a much better fit for her unique genetic makeup. By adapting the treatment plan and immediately starting chemotherapy, Jennifer saved valuable time in her fight against cancer and avoided unnecessary attempts that could have harmed her health.


Johannes' health struggles began early in life due to multiple genetic disorders that plagued him for years. Despite his best efforts, conventional treatments failed to provide the relief he desperately needed. However, everything changed when Johannes discovered the Dante Genome test at the age of 50. The test provided Johannes and his physician with valuable insights into his genetic makeup. Armed with this information, Johannes finally received an accurate diagnosis and was able to identify a personalized treatment plan tailored to his unique genetic profile. The result? A remarkable improvement in his health and a vastly improved quality of life.

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