Gazelle Sequencing Research Project

Goal: The project was to investigate interspecies relatedness and to identify possible hybrids  

Client request: we received a request for sequencing analysis of gazelles with the goal of identifying a group that had not been contaminated.

Finding out which animals in a population are not found to be contaminated allows us to isolate them and determine their genetic identity. The species are under threat of extinction, identifying genetic relatedness can help in captive breeding techniques.

  • First Step

    We received 90 samples divided into three groups and figured out with the client how we could proceed to get the required result.

  • Second Step

    Our researchers realized that a different methodology was needed to look into the STR regions across the genome to complete the project on time.

    STR (short tandem repeats) markers are based on DNA sequences composed of four nucleotides repeated in tandem, which have a high degree of polymorphism. Because they are discriminative, measurable, and invariable over time, they are chosen as markers to distinguish living things from one another.

  • Third Step

    Once it was understood that the analysis had to be based on STRs, it was necessary to figure out how it could be done and thus how to find SRTs in the unique samples.
    We have proceeded the samples with WGS.

    With WGS we are able to analyze SNPs, INDEls, CNVs and STR across the genome.

  • Final Results

    We were able to identify possible hybrids in an animal population and we calculated breeding matrices for captive breeding.

    Even Though the current objective was to identify the hybrids, we had future plans to go for a genome-wide association study (GWAS) including more animals from each species and also to identify novel markers across the genome to differentiate between the species.

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