Medical Laboratory Project in Greece

The client is a medical laboratory in Greece focused on neonatal and prenatal screening with the goal of examining suspected cases involving metabolic diseases.

Client request
The laboratory needed to perform timely and accurate analyses for the diagnostics of children in intensive care and neonatal care. Thanks to our online presence, the client found our company's website and was able to discover that Dante Genomics offered the analyses he needed. He then decided to contact us and request a customized quote that best suited his needs.

The beginning of the collaboration
At first, their need was to have the analysis for babies in the intensive care unit and neonatal unit in a very short time. They therefore became interested in Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) analysis. This analysis is important for identifying disease-associated mutations.

A winning partnership
Once we started our collaboration with them, they were very satisfied with both the financial benefits and in terms of timing and accuracy of results. In fact, they asked us to increase our services and also perform Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) analysis.

Why Whole Genome Sequencing analysis is important for a medical laboratory
With WGS analysis, it is possible to have the complete genetic profile of any patient and thus detect the presence or predisposition of genetic diseases.
It is a key analysis for medical clinics as it ensures personalized, reliable and accurate diagnosis for their patients. Genomic analysis also enables advanced precision medicine, giving individual patients the treatment that best fits their genetic profile.

  • In order to proceed with these analyses, a medical laboratory would need to incur high costs for the purchase of equipment and specialized personnel as well as the management of logistics. In addition, the laboratory is located in an area where there are no companies offering this type of services.

  • The laboratory decided to collaborate with Dante Genomics in order to obtain complete genome analysis by reducing the cost but guaranteeing its patients the quality of the results.
    In Dante Genomics, in fact, we have the specialized machinery, trained people and technologies needed to perform the analysis.

Results achieved

Increased revenue

Increased revenue from new services offered to patients.

Cost containment

Cost containment because he was able to outsource the analysis process with us, who have been in the genomic analysis business for years, avoiding wasteful integrations.

Accurate analysis in rapid timelines

Accurate analysis in rapid timelines, which is extremely important when it comes to neonatal diagnosis.

Free and easy logistics

Thanks to Dante's worldwide and online presence, the lab was able to find us and get in touch with us quickly and easily, receiving completely free logistics.

Reliable results

Complete and reliable analyses performed at our ISO certified laboratories.

Customized bioinformatics

Customized bioinformatics offered by Dante using software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, tested with tens of thousands of samples and leveraged over years of experience in sequencing and interpretation.

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