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Clinical Diagnostics package

Clinical Diagnostics package

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What it includes:

  • Analysis by Medical Clinical-Grade Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS, 20.000+ genes)
  • Clinical Diagnostics Report
  • Raw data (BAM, FASTQ, VCF files)
  • 1 Free update on current and newly discovered genetic associations
  • Free logistics for sample collection
  • Non-invasive sample kit (blood/saliva)
  • White Labelling 

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Package Description

Personalised Clinical Diagnostics report is particularly useful for individuals who are experiencing symptoms, but do not have a clear medical history that would help clinicians confirm diagnosis of genetic disorders and act accordingly.

The report provides a detailed analysis of the patient's genetic variants, which have been identified through analysing the whole genome (20,000+ genes). Even though WGS will provide data corresponding to all genes, the analysis will be specific to the personal clinical history/family history of the patient.

The report identifies pathogenic or likely pathogenic genetic variants that are associated with specific diseases or conditions. These variants are classified according to the guidelines set forth by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG).

We also provide more in-depth clinical interpretation of the genetic variants, and the report may also include recommendations for further testing or referrals to specialists, based on the specific genetic variants identified.

Pharmacogenetics Panel

This Panel provides personalised information about how the body processes medications. This analysis can help identify which medications may be more effective or cause adverse reactions, allowing healthcare providers to make more informed treatment decisions.

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Sequence One, Query for a Lifetime

Genome is an asset. Take the test today and learn all about your genome forever.

In addition to Clinical Diagnostic Package we offer optional analyses that can be included in your package to provide even more personalized information about an individual’s health.

  • Johannes

    Johannes' health struggles began early in life due to multiple genetic disorders that plagued him for years. Despite his best efforts, conventional treatments failed to provide the relief he desperately needed. However, everything changed when Johannes discovered the Dante MyGenome test at the age of 50. The test provided Johannes and his physician with valuable insights into his genetic makeup. Armed with this information, Johannes finally received an accurate diagnosis and was able to identify a personalized treatment plan tailored to his unique genetic profile. The result? A remarkable improvement in his health and a vastly improved quality of life

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer's decision to sequence her whole genome using the Dante MyGenome test in 2019 proved to be life-changing. Two years later, she received the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. But thanks to the Dante Genome Platform, Jennifer was able to access a Pharmacogenetics analysis that provided vital information on the most effective treatment for her illness. The analysis of her genome data revealed that the commonly prescribed chemotherapy drug would have serious adverse effects on her health. Armed with this knowledge, Jennifer and her doctor were able to select an alternative cancer drug that was a much better fit for her unique genetic makeup. By adapting the treatment plan and immediately starting the most suitable chemotherapy, Jennifer saved valuable time in her fight against cancer and avoided unnecessary attempts that could have harmed her health

  • Angela

    Angela's search for answers to her debilitating symptoms led her to Dante Labs at just 20 years old. Despite receiving conflicting opinions from doctors for years, Angela was unable to identify the source of her illness, and her quality of life suffered as a result. But with the help of Dante Labs, Angela finally received a diagnosis for her rare disease, putting an end to the years-long diagnostic odyssey. By providing her doctor with genetic data, Angela was able to unlock the key to her health and regain control of her life.

Avanti - Our Software

Avanti is a web-based app designed to transform NGS raw data into insightful, clear and personalized panels in a few minutes. More than 90 panels generated.

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